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A structure from Water Street District

It’s no secret that Henderson, Nevada, is a community to call home. Not only is it frequently ranked as one of the best places to live; it’s also one of the safest cities in the country. You’ll find numerous entertainment options including, The Las Vegas Strip, just a few miles northwest.

While Henderson certainly has an abundance to offer. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best. Where’s the best place to call home in Henderson? According to the American Planning Association, it’s Water Street! Learn everything you need to know about Henderson’s Water Street District and discover why it deserves all its praise.

A man and woman walking in the Water Street District

Downtown Investment Strategy

The historic Water Street District used to lack significant foot traffic from businesses, restaurants and retail operations. That all changed in 2000, with the introduction of the Downtown Investment Strategy. While the development of Water Street District stalled during the 2008 recession. The community was able to come together and work towards turning Water Street into a top priority for development. The public welcomes its wide variety of attractions and facilities. In 2019, The American Planning Association, designated Water Street as a Great Street as part of the Great Places in America program.

Diverse Dining and Entertainment

The Water Street District offers numerous activities that cater to various desired experiences. Even though most casinos and bars on Water Street are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, many restaurants are offering curbside pickup or takeout service. Here’s a list of restaurants and cafes in Downtown Henderson locals can support!

  • Chef Flemming’s Bake Shop
  • Coo Coo’s Gourmet Coffee Café
  • Hardway 8
  • Mojave Brewing Company
  • Pacific Diner
  • Public Works Coffee Bar
  • Rose Garden Chinese Restaurant
  • Straight From Philly
  • Sunset Pizzeria Downtown
  • Water Street Pizzeria

Everyday Convenience

Water Street isn’t only suitable for enjoyment, but also, everyday tasks. You’ll find banks, mechanic shops, barbershops, law offices, doctor offices and all conveniently located within the district. With an influx of families, business executives, students and other new residents, Henderson needs more housing with great proximity to downtown. To learn more about the Water Street District and future local housing, check out Black Mountain now.

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