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Pickleball is a new sports craze that’s sweeping the nation, and Henderson is one of the best hubs for players of all kinds. Pickleball may be traditionally associated with seniors, but all ages can enjoy this fun game and get plenty of useful exercise in the process. Learn all about pickleball and why it’s the fastest growing sport in Henderson.

What is Pickleball?

To understand the appeal of pickleball, you need to know the basics first. Pickleball is like a combination of tennis, racquetball, and ping pong. Two or four players who are split into two teams play by hitting a polymer ball similar to a whiffle ball over a net. They use solid paddles typically made of wood to play on a court with dimensions similar to what you’d find used for badminton. The game dates back to the mid-’60s, but it has only begun growing recently.

The Court

Setting up a pickleball court is fairly simple. Whether you’re playing doubles or singles, the court is 20 feet by 44 feet in area with a 3-foot high net in the center. On each side of the net, there are three zones: the right service court, the left service court, and the non-volley zone. Each service court is 10 feet wide and 7 feet away from the net. The non-volley zone is 7 feet long, encompassing the space from the net to the service courts. The baseline is the far end of the court on either side, while the centerline is the line between the service courts.

Paddles and balls for pickleball on the floor

The Rules

The goal of pickleball is to earn as many points as possible, and this is done by avoiding faults. All of the following are considered faults:

  • Not hitting the serve into the diagonal service court
  • Not hitting the ball past the net
  • Letting the ball bounce more than once
  • Hitting the ball out of bounds
  • Volleying the ball when returning a serve
  • Volleying the first return
  • Volleying in the non-volley zone

Only the team serving can score points. To serve the ball, one must hit it with an underarm stroke in which the paddle makes contact with the ball below the navel level. The team serving changes once the serving team gets a fault, though the returning team doesn’t get a point for this. They would then have to serve themselves until the opposing team faults to earn a point. The non-volley zone is strictly for hitting balls that bounce. Playing a volley must be done outside the zone. Typically, teams play to 11 points to win.

There are several additional rules to keep in mind as well. On the first serve and the first return, no volleys are allowed. The ball must bounce one time before being hit back, and the ball must be served and returned crosscourt. Additionally, player positioning changes when serving or receiving. The serving team must stand behind the baseline, while the receiving team can be split with one player behind the baseline and one in their service court.

If you’re looking to start playing pickleball in Henderson, Black Mountain will make it easier than ever. Our luxury community will feature numerous pickleball courts that residents of our properties can enjoy. Take a look at all our amenities to learn more about the activities you can enjoy every day.

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