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One of the best ways to appreciate family time is by venturing through Henderson’s 180+ mile trail systems that offer premier settings everyone can enjoy. These three fan-favorite trails stand out among the rest: River Mountains Loop Trail, Amargosa Trail, and Pittman Wash Trail. Here are Henderson’s three award-winning bike trails for families!

River Mountains Loop Trail

River Mountains Loop Trail is among the most popular trails in Henderson. Not only will you find stunning views of nature, but there’s a diverse selection of wildlife. One of the most popular species is the desert tortoise. They’re a threatened animal, so don’t pick them up, but feel free to admire them from a distance. Remember to call 702-383-TORT, if you see an injured tortoise along the trail.

This trial will take you along the Mojave Desert, where you can take in breathtaking landscapes of impressive sandy terrain and sparse vegetation, including cacti, throughout the River Mountains Loop. In total, the trail spans 34 miles and is moderately difficult, which means any generally healthy person should be able to conquer it without much issue. 

Amargosa Trail

Venture through the Amargosa Trail, where you can savor a unique sight that will take you through a mountainous area that overlooks Henderson. It encompasses 7.1 miles and boasts views that can’t be found anywhere else in town. In fact, elevations reach as high as 935-feet.

The Amargosa Trail provides an unforgettable hiking experience, thanks to its combination of natural characteristics and convenience. Take a break at their spectacular spacious public park before setting off. This trail is wide and dramatic, be sure to have a mountain bike that can handle the turf. Dogs are allowed on the trail but have to be on a leash.

Pittman Wash Trail

Not as high as Amargosa Trail, The Pittman Wash Trail will take you up a few hills and offer a 269-feet elevation. Make sure to stay hydrated, as this trail doesn’t have much shade. However, it’s an easy-rated trail that anyone can observe. It’s partially paved, so it’s best suited for riders looking for a relaxing joyride.

You’ll find plenty of spots to relish, as the entire length comes to about 8.2 miles. It’s dog and kid-friendly, so you can bring the whole family along. Just be aware that there’s a singular street crossing along this trail with a crosswalk. Rest assured, everything is appropriately marked for pedestrian crossing, and the street isn’t busy.

Discover Henderson’s Best Bike Trails

These incredible bike trails are just a small part of everything Henderson can offer. If you want to learn more about this prosperous community and discover what makes Henderson so memorable, contact Black Mountain Nevada today!

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