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Amenities Coming to Black Mountain

The Black Mountain community has always enjoyed a family-friendly environment. This is an important feature, and this development will improve it. Black Mountain seeks to enhance the community by providing some welcome amenities to the neighborhood!

For example, the project has planned:

  • an Enhanced Streetscape along Greenway Road
  • a Brand new Black Mountain Entry Monumentation.
  • a new Founders Village Entry Monument
entry monument

Walking and Bike trails

In addition to being within walking distance to downtown water street, the project will include updated and new walking and bike trails! Walking is more than a pastime. Walking is a great way to keep healthy while enjoying your community. These paths will allow the community members to enjoy encountering neighbors along the way and provide pets with a safe place to exercise.  

New parks

Who doesn’t want to our beautiful desert enhanced by thoughtful park design? Parks with green spaces and the smart use of landscaping are coming to Black Mountain. People for generations will picnic, walk, relax, recreate, and enjoy these new spaces.  

Black Mountain Park is planned to have the following: 

  • an amenity pool
  • a lap pool
  • an artificial turf yoga lawn
  • a bbq area with shade trellis
  • an artificial turf lounge area
  • a restroom facility with shade ramada
  • a tot lot play area
  • detached sidewalk trails, picnic area with tables, and active turf area.
black mountain amenities

Triangular Park at Greenway Road and East Middleton Drive is planned with:

  • an active turf area
  • concrete walkways
  • a 15’ x 20’ shade ramada and abundant shade trees.

Founders Village Park adjacent to Fairway Road planned with:

  • an active turf area
  • a 15’ x 20’ shade ramada
  • a play structure
  • decorative walls
  • concrete walks
  • abundant shade trees.

Pickleball is coming to Black Mountain! 

The hottest new sport that everyone is talking about is actually celebrating its 50th anniversary! And Henderson is embracing the celebration of the sport. Black Mountain is bringing 12 brand-new pickleball courts to the community.

These courts are sure to be a welcome addition to the new residents, as well as those who have been calling Black Mountain home for many years.

So what is the fuss about Pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport created in 1965 by a few dads living in a small community near Seattle. Invented to keep kids entertained who had become bored by the same old activities, these dads came up with some simple rules. One story has the sport being named after the dog, “Pickles,” who kept stealing the ball.

It is a paddle and ball sport combining elements from Badminton, ping pong, and tennis. It is popular because of the social nature of the sport, and it appeals to all ages, from kids to seniors.

Because of the growing popularity of the game, there is an upsurge of new courts being built, leagues forming, and tournaments happening. Many facilities throughout the valley have multiple courts-sometimes as many as 8- to allow more people to play. Black Mountain has even more on the way. 12 brand new courts are in the plan. These courts will provide space, enabling a lot of play for enthusiasts of all generations!   

Black Mountain residents playing pickleball

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