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Black Mountain is envisioned as an infill development within the City of Henderson, converting a former golf course into a vibrant and sustainable neighborhood that provides a variety of housing types, within a walkable, bikeable, green, and dynamically planned environment. The proposed Black Mountain development aspires to create a development unlike any other within the City of Henderson, but further, the project objectives are to:

  • Provide for a mix of land uses that integrate a variety of housing options with open space, and naturalized environments;
  • Provide a development plan that is focused on connectivity including a bike and pedestrian network of trails and dedicated bike routes;
  • Provide opportunities for physical improvement to public infrastructure such as public roadways, sidewalks, intersections, and bike and pedestrian trails;
  • Provide for diverse housing types;
  • Provide a sufficient number of new housing units to assist the City in satisfying its housing goals;
  • Use open space and naturalized environments as the organizing element of the overall neighborhood development plan; and,
  • Provide for the adaptive reuse and redevelopment of a former golf course located within the City limits.

The development will also help to:

  • Remove the blight of a deteriorated golf course
  • Encourage revitalization;
  • Support a diversity of architectural home styles;
  • Provide beautified streetscapes and thoughtfully designed landscaped environments;
  • Encourage more and higher quality housing in and near Downtown, with a focus on single family detached and attached housing types;
  • Address real and perceived safety issues on including vacant properties (abandoned golf course), and pedestrian safety (new roads and trails); and,
  • Increase and improve parks and green space throughout Downtown.

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